May 13, 2016 Part 1 (Setting Forth)

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I picked up Princess on the 12th, and the day and evening were spent catching up since we last saw each other as well as spreading gear from one end of my apartment to the other. Sorting food, weighing in, talking about the plan was the order of the day. We decided that we were going to give this trip a good solid try, but if for whatever reason we weren’t able to finish the whole trail, we wouldn’t be disappointed. Getting out is the adventure, completion is just a bonus.

Finally the morning of the 13th has arrived. We wake early so as to get out on the trail as soon as possible. The weather looks like it will be a little less than desired, but we’ve come too far in preparation and money spent to wait on some weather.

Literally the minute we step out of the jeep, the mixed rain and snow begins. Awesome.

We take our mandatory setting forth pics, queue Eddie Vedder’s song “setting forth”, and begin the hike.

“Setting Forth”

Be it no concern, point of no return
Go forward in reverse
This I will recall
Everytime I fallI’m free
Setting forth in the universe
Oh I’m free
Setting forth in the universeOut here realigned
A planet out of sight
I’m nature drunk and high
Oh I’m free
I’m free…

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