We slept in a little, and decided to head up to Custer State Park to try to do a hike or two. Originally we were going to go hike Little Devils Tower, or maybe Harney Peak. Princess has never been to the Black Hills before, so I figured it would be fun to see some of the local hiking destinations, outdoor tourist destinations if you will.

The problem was that I never been to poets table before. It’s A little place up in the hills known only to locals. From what I’ve seen and heard on social media and what not, it’s amazing little place talked into the side of a cliff offering unbelievable views of the hills. We spent the day searching off of trails, trying to follow tips and hints that I had found while researching the place. No luck. We pretty much spent the entire day and evening looking for this place. Feeling defeated yet at the same time accomplished, we decided to head back for the night. Tomorrow we’ll find it, we tell each other.

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