May 15, 2016 (A bald, old wrinkly mountain)

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This is the day we find Poets table… But before we try that, we need to make a quick detour.

We drive to Wrinkled Rock recreation/climbing area, only a couple miles down from Mount Rushmore. Old Mt. Baldy is this morning’s destination.

We hike through the woods on a sporadically maintained trail, luckily the GPS on my phone kind of works and we get to the bottom of Baldy. I had been here once before a year or two ago, and now that we’re at the base I can remember the route from there.

Now comes the fun part. To get to the top of baldy, there is some light scrambling to do. Nothing crazy, but still a blast. Crawling over rock, squeezing through narrow openings and walking at the edge of some pretty serious drop offs gets my spirits high.

We make it to the top just as a thick fog and freezing cold wind is blowing in. Time for some quick pics, sign the register and head down.

Once down at the base we take the opportunity for a quick tortilla and pepperoni lunch, then we’re off to find poets table.

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