The CT is a 486 mile hiking trail that starts in the Denver area and ends in Durango, CO. Its almost like a mini-PCT.

While talking to a fellow hiker one evening, he mentioned he was going to be hiking the Colorado Trail in July. I told him that I recently heard about the CT and was interested in it. That’s about as far as the conversation went that evening.

Fast forward a few weeks- I run into him (Clay, is his name by the way) downtown again. I say “aren’t you supposed to be on the CT?” “July 12”, he says. We talked about hiking, gear and shared some experiences we’ve had in the outdoors. Of course I talked in length about my burning, unwavering desire to hike the PCT. Before I left, he said “you’re welcome to join us if you want!” I thought about how cool that would be to go down there, but thought there’s no way I can get the time off. Especially with only about a week’s notice….

But now I’m sitting in a little cafe, “Cleo’s Daily Grind”. Sipping on a hot spices chai (Big Train Chai- my favorite, and hard to find) and eating some kind of coconut breakfast bar thing.

My flight for Denver leaves in 2 hours.

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