For getting here so early, what a scramble the last few minutes have been trying to get through security at this tiny airport. Don’t get me wrong. The security folks are very pleasant and forgiving- I’m the one who’s being a pain. Right after getting thru security checks I realized I forgot a very important item, my hiking shirt. There’s no way I’m leaving without it, so I actually had to leave the airport to go to my jeep and get it. Then I had to go through security all over again!

Finally getting on this plane, it’s hard to even contain the excitement of getting out of town and onto this trail. I have a big stupid grin on my face the whole time we are flying. I told the woman across the aisle about my trip to the trail pretty much right away, and she keeps laughing because she can tell how restless I am. It’s a good thing we had to wear seat belts the whole time in this small plane, otherwise I might have been pacing up and down the aisle during the whole flight.

Arriving in Denver after an 8 hour flight (okay maybe it was only an hour), I finally got my bag and headed out the door. I took the light rail from the airport to Denver and got off at the wrong stop twice. For some reason I have the ability to navigate the New York City MTA without difficulty, but the straight line from DIA to Denver is very difficult for me. After getting into Denver and getting a quick lunch, I found my way via Uber to the REI for some fuel and bug spray. On the way, I asked the driver if he could take me to the trailhead for $50 cash under the table. He was reluctant, but eventually agreed because he said he wanted to get out of the city for a little while. Later he told me that he was going to drive off while I was in the store, but didn’t because I had left my bags in his car.

During the ride he told me about his migration to the US from Ethiopia. He told me he was an accountant there and designed accounting software. He never really explained why he came to the US however.

We made it to the trailhead at about 7:30. It’s time to get this party started!

One Reply to “CT Bound, part 2”

  1. How’s it goin bro?? I hope you have service soon…I’m eagerly awaiting pix and updates! I’m jealous and happy for you 😊 and praying for peace on the trail. P.S. How many miles are you hoping to do total and how many avg a day?


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